Strengthening Families Program For Parents and Youth 10-14

Spring 2020: Strengthening Families Program For Parents and Youth 10-14 is an evidence-based program designed to do just that: strengthen your family ties. Developed by Iowa State University, this program offers parents and youth aged 10-14 a chance to work on communication skills and explore family values. Sound good?

Each session starts with dinner, everyone eating together. Family members sit together and share conversation in a relaxed setting. Then the fun begins: childcare is provided for children under age 10 so that the adult members of each family meet with other adults while the pre-teens/teens aged 10-14 years old are having their own meeting. Then everyone gets together for some activities and discussion, promoting family bonding by solving problems together.

Every session has a main topic for exploration, with discussion, activities, games and prizes. The free 7-session program meets each week–same time, same place–so everyone can get comfortable and enjoy learning about their own family.

Seats are limited for the Spring 2020 session, March 3 to April 14, 5:30 p.m. at YWCA, 120 W. Cunningham Street, Butler.

To sign up, please contact Kim Andrews at [email protected] or 724-432-3474.