March Webinar To Watch: Gambling, Gaming and Cyberspace Addictions

Friday, March 27, 2020

Title: Lost in Space: What you need to know…but have Not Asked about Gambling, Gaming and Cyberspace Addictions.
Presented by: Anthony Parente, M.A., LCPC, NCC, MAC, ICGC II, BACC

Summary: Behavioral addictions come in many forms. There are features that are common to all types of addictive behaviors and others that are distinct to specific addictions. Gambling has become increasingly easy to access on electronic devices as convenience and technological advances shape our everyday lives. Join us for this interesting and informative presentation on the ways in which gambling, gaming and cyberspace addictions affect the lives of those who experience problems in this area, as well as their family members. Learn how habits form and their impact on the brain. The discussion will also include what professionals and family members can do to help someone with these dependencies.

Leaning Objectives: Attendees should be able to:

  • Increased understanding of what defines Gambling, Gaming and Cyber addictions. What it does mean and what it does not mean.
  • Learn how habits form and their impact on the brain and behavior.
  • Improve participants understanding of the signs and symptoms of gambling, gaming and cyber dependency.
  • Learn what we can do for family and friends who we suspect may have dependency on gambling, gaming or cyber dependency.

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