Back-to-School Anxiety: How Adults Can Help

Back to School Anxiety: From Kindergarten to College

Are you a mom whose child is going back to school? Or a student going back to school? Either way, this can be an anxious time for you. The first day of kindergarten can be the most anxious day of your life. And possibly your child’s as well. Some kids are fine on the first day of school and others may scream and cry the whole day. Others may scream and cry until you leave and then not want to leave when it is time to go home. You just never know. 

What Causes Back to School Anxiety?

For you, it may just be that you are nervous for your child to start a new year. The fears of how their first day will be, if they will find their way to class, and whether they will make friends or not. For your child, it can be the same worries multiplied by a million. Especially if your child can tell that you are anxious for them. Some of the things that children may worry about include:

  • Will I know anyone in my classes?
  • Will I like my teachers?
  • What if I do not fit in?
  • What if I get lost?
  • What if nobody likes me?
  • Will I get good grades?
  • Will I like school?

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