“Memorial to the Lost” service, May 21

“Memorial to the Lost”

Remembering those from Butler County

Who Died from Drug Addiction

Sunday, May 21, at 10:00 am

at St. John’s United Church of Christ

501 East Main Street, Evans City

In a special worship service on Sunday, May 21,

St. John’s UCC will remember those in Butler County who died from drug addiction.

 Family members who lost loved ones due to the opioid epidemic

and anyone concerned about the drug crisis in our county are encouraged to join us for worship.


This service will culminate a week-long Memorial to the Lost, starting May 15,

during which 74 T-shirts will be displayed on the church lawn;

each T-shirt will represent an individual from Butler County

who died from drug overdose in 2016.

St. John’s is concerned about the opioid epidemic in this county.

The Memorial graphically illustrates the life-threatening danger of drug addiction,

so we urge everyone to protect themselves by taking advantage of all the help that is available in this community.

We also want to offer support and comfort to all with loved ones who died in this tragic way.