Hope for Broken Hearts

Their addiction has broken your heart.

We are here with open arms, sharing hope and encouragement, with support to live YOUR life.

There are many families suffering because their loved one chose a path of addiction.

Whether your family member is actively in addiction or on the road to recovery, we are here for you.

Bi-weekly Support Group


Families of Addiction

We are part of a group that we never wanted to join.

We have all felt the stress, desperation, and helplessness of living with their addiction.

We live in the reality of the problem and understand the need for solutions.

We are here to support each other, as well as focusing on education.

All meetings are confidential.

Meetings are the 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month at 7pm

Mt. Chestnut Presbyterian Church    727 West Old 422 Butler, PA  16001


Some words of wisdom from others in your situation:

    • It is their journey not yours.  They are the only ones that can solve this.
    • Don’t be afraid to take action.  Don’t be afraid to share in a support group.  Everything is confidential.
    • No one else can understand unless they are dealing with loved ones suffering in addiction.
    • I didn’t cause the problem.  I cannot cure it either.
    • Support them in recovery not in addiction.  Learn the differences.
    • Learn everything you can.  It helps to understand what is going on.  Others can learn from what you have been through.
    • Keeping ‘the problem’ to yourself, does not make it go away.
    • True recovery begins when the enabling stops.  Enabling only prolongs the addiction.
  • Recovery from the devastation of addiction is a process that is different for everyone.